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Dog bones provide many benefits. Here is some information to help you choose the right bone for your dog. Giving your dog a bone to chew is much more than just giving them something to chew on. Your dog trusts that you are providing them with a gourmet treat that is both enjoyable and safe for him or her. A good article to read concerning natural treats for dogs is Keeping Your Dog Healthy With Natural Treats: Chewing For Your Pet's Better Health written by authors Steve Brown and Beth Taylor, both of which are pet health and nutrition experts, provide an all-inclusive argument for feeding your dog a naturally balanced raw meat, bone and vegetable-based diet that provides much higher quality nutrition than any dry or canned dog or cat food.

Bones of many varieties will help dogs of all ages. Satisfying a puppy or a dog's desire to chew is beneficial in many ways. Chewing on hard bones is a natural way for dogs to clean teeth and exercise muscles. Hard chew treats improve the dog's dental health by giving the dog a chance to exercise the gums and scrape teeth and promotes healthy teeth for your dog. Too many dogs need to go to the veterinarian and be treated for dental problems, and most are dogs that have not had enough hard objects to chew on.

Chewing on dog bones helps scrape away plaque which causes bad breath and other serious dental problems . Chewing a bone ideally scrapes against the teeth helping to remove plaque and tartar buildup. This often provides less discoloration of the teeth and helps keep gums healthy. Keeping your dogs teeth clean is healthy for them and could save you costly vet bills.

Natural bones can be fed anytime as a gourmet snack or reward, as a substitute for chewing furniture (especially useful for teething puppies!) or to occupy a dog during travel time or to help alleviate separation anxiety.

Natural bones are fully digestible, and a good source of protein and calcium. They provide an enjoyable chewing experience and satisfy a dogs natural carnivorous instincts.

Your dog has a natural urge to chew, especially young dogs. A bone would possibly keep him from chewing on your shoes or furniture. It will also provide them with some form of entertainment and mental stimulation. A bored dog is an unhappy dog!

Choose a bone that matches your dog's chewing abilities. Size, shape, hardness and flavor are all important to your dog.

Size by far is the most important. Pets are very particular about the size of the bone you give them. Lucky Dog Chew Bones Treats come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from the heavyweight " THE BEHEMOTH " a 12" to 18" long Beef Femur Bone to the lightweight " BUSTER'S BEST " a 1" thick, marrow filled, slice of a Beef Shank Bone which come six slices to a package. If it's too big they won't touch it, even though they'll spend hours chewing smaller bones. Generally speaking, smaller dogs prefer smaller bones, but the reverse is not always true. Bigger dogs will sometimes ignore big bones and opt for smaller ones but use caution when giving large dogs small bones. They may cause choking if accidentally swallowed whole.

The consistency of your dogs bone is also another item to consider. An aggressive chewer can gnaw down a good size bone in an amazingly short time. For them, a harder bone will last longer.

Dogs have varied tastes, just like people. Flavor is very important to some dogs. Certain dogs like Beef, others like Pork or Lamb bones, while others prefer Hickory Smoked to other natural smoked flavors. Try various types to see which one best suits your dog, and if your dog is like many they will enjoys a change in flavor from time to time. Every Lucky Dog Bone is USDA Grade Inspected Beef, Pork or Lamb bone. They are processed and smoked in actual smoke houses using the same Hickory Wood and Smoking Process that your Smoked Briskets, Smoked Hams and Smoked Turkeys go through, that you purchase at your local supermarket. Lucky Dog Bones are not oven baked using artificial liquid smoke to add the Hickory Smoked smell and flavor. When you purchase a Lucky Dog Brand Hickory Smoked Dog Bone you are getting the real McCoy. Every Lucky Dog Bone is individually labeled, bar coded and shrink wrapped. Shrink wrapping preserves its freshness, flavor and provides excellent shelf life when purchased in quantity. Lucky Dog Hickory Smoked Dog Bones wants to be your canine's best friend! Except for the Rawhide Chew Bones, all Lucky Dog Bone products, including pig ears, are all NATURAL and FULLY SMOKE CURED so they are SAFE FOR YOUR DOG!

Finding the right bone for your dog to chew is an art. Choose a bone that will satisfy his need to chew, provide great entertainment, and satisfy his tastes buds. Sometimes it's good to keep several flavors on hand, then when your dog gets bored with one you can switch to another.

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